Real Estate Valuation

Providing Quality advice on the value of the property ensuring the transparency, consistency and avoiding conflicts of interests to meet clients’ expectations and requirements.


Unquestionably, valuations serve many purposes and go well beyond; “What someone would pay for your assets”. That insight puts you in a viable position as you strive to strengthen and increase the value and overall performance of the asset.

Who Need This Service?

Investors, Lending institutions, Property developers, property owners, Sellers and Brokers, Property/ Real Estate Consultants, Accounting Firms, Audit Firms as well as Government Departments.

When You Ned This Service?

When you look for a local and foreign investor. When seeking finance from a lending institution, When making decisions on real estate selling or buying, When you are reporting values of your real estate assets for final accounts and when you are reporting values under SLFRS 13.

What We Need From You To Start?
  • Instruction/request from the client.
  • Purpose of the valuation.
  • Relevant documents such as survey plans, title deeds, project details and Building plans.

Find the right insights for your next business deal


Real estate valuation is a vital process that offers numerous benefits to property owners, investors, buyers, and financial institutions. It ensures fair pricing, supports informed investment decisions, aids in tax planning, and helps in securing appropriate financing and insurance coverage. Valuations also play a crucial role in estate planning and promoting transparency in real estate transactions, contributing to a more efficient and reliable real estate market.

Accurate Property Pricing

Real estate valuation provides property owners, buyers, and sellers with an accurate and objective assessment of the property’s current market value. This helps in setting the right price for buying or selling real estate, ensuring fair and informed transactions.

Informed Investment Decisions

 Investors can make informed decisions by relying on real estate valuations to assess potential returns and risks. Valuations enable them to identify lucrative investment opportunities and optimize their portfolios.

Effective Tax Planning

Valuations support property owners in effective tax planning. Understanding the property’s value helps in maximizing tax benefits and minimizing tax liabilities through deductions, exemptions, and appeals.

Loan and Financing Support

Real estate valuations assist lenders in determining the property’s value before providing loans or mortgages. This ensures that borrowers receive appropriate financing based on the property’s market worth.

Property Insurance Coverage

Accurate valuations aid property owners in obtaining the right insurance coverage, protecting their assets adequately in case of damage or loss.

Estate Planning and Settlement

In estate planning, valuations are crucial for determining the fair value of real estate assets, ensuring smooth estate distribution and minimizing potential disputes among heirs.

Transparent Real Estate Transactions

Real estate valuations enhance transparency in property transactions, fostering trust and confidence among all parties involved.