Prathap Chartered Valuation & Consultancy (Pvt) Ltd.

Assured Quality & Speedy Delivery
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  • Be the pioneer in providing valuation services in the world
  • Enhance the number of committed professionals in the team
  • Make a brand which occupies a distinct position in Sri Lankan and world valuation crew
  • Build a robust and healthy network with commercial and non-commercial firms and individuals.
  • Valuation 100% 100%
  • Accounting 90% 90%
  • Consultation 100% 100%
  • Real Estate Management 99% 99%

Member of RICS –UK

PCVC is publically acknowledge as an organization of high quality as it is under the leadership of a member of RICS –UK

Professional Advice

We offer unprejudiced professional advice on a variety of property related issues and provide service in wide range

Speed Delivery

We cater quality and speedy service delivered by highly experienced and skilled team of valuers qualified in both local and British valuation qualifications.

Respect and Trust

We have acquired the respect and trust of leading banks, finance companies, accounting firms and individuals in Sri Lanka.

Our Vision

Be the most excellent team equipped with superior professional skills, competencies and the best-of-breed technology in the field of valuation.

Our Mission

Build up a robust and healthy network with commercial and non-commercial institutes all over the world and to make a brand occupy a distinct position in client’s mindset through delivering maximum customer satisfaction and winning trust.

Our Core Values
  • We value people.
  • We never compromise ethics.
  • We assure quality and speed.
  • We are dedicated to delivering high customer satisfaction.
  • We respect customer expectations.
  • We empower clients.
  • We always travel extra miles
  • We are committed to building a robust and healthy network.
  • We value clear communication.
  • We value transparency.
  • We obey legal constrains.

Our History

Prathap Chartered Valuation and Consultancy (Pvt.) Ltd. is an experienced rich company that accounts for over 75 years of combined valuation experience, dedicated to providing valuation services for varying types of properties in the wide range of industries for different valuation purposes.

The company has earned the respect and trust of leading banks, finance companies, accounting firms and individual clients in Sri Lanka for its quality and speedy service delivered by a highly experienced and skilled team of valuers qualified in both local and British valuation qualifications. The PCVC also extended its services to overseas clientele in the recent past, and it has also undertaken many valuation assignments for financial reporting purposes under International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS).

The Company’s portfolio of projects and valuation services vary from valuation for real estate, plant, and machinery to real estate consultancies. Recent valuations of PCVC include property valuations of land, buildings, plant and machinery for sale, purchase, mortgage, insurance and financial reporting purpose under IFRS.

Under the leadership and guidance of D. Prathapasinghe, a renowned chartered valuation surveyor with over 20 years of corporate and public sector experience, the company has undertaken many large scale valuation projects in the commercial, tourism, agricultural, leisure and industrial sector in particular for banks, financial institutes, and accounting firms.

The Hidden Need

The property valuation plays a crucial role in investment decisions. The value peoples give on a property depends on their personality, perception, attitudes values, and learnings. This value would not reflect the real market value of property. Investments are made not for the self-satisfaction but the profits. So market value of interested properties should be estimated through competent valuer’s opinion before investment decisions are made.

Investment on a property according to the heart conscious is so wake and risky. But property valuation before the investment considers even little concerns like environmental issues, planing and legal impact, improvements, market segment conditions which are in a blind area of our perception.

The above situation is same for new improvements of properties as well. Because the money invested in making new improvements in a particular asset may reduce the market value of the property if it is not followed by correct valuation techniques.

Estimating the value of real estate with proper valuation techniques is essential to a variety of endeavors, including real estate financing, listing real estate for sale, investment analysis, property insurance and the taxation of real estate. For most people, determining the asking or purchase price of a property is the most useful application of real estate valuation.

From a quantitative perspective, investing in real estate is somewhat like investing in stocks. To profit in real estate investments, investors must determine the value of the properties they buy and make well-educated guesses about how much profit these investments will generate.

Ultimately, either you are looking to invest or sell, you need the value of real property with sound opinion of competent valuer.