Development Property Valuation

It refers to the process of determining the market value of properties with the potential for development or redevelopment.

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Development Property Valuation is a complex and specialized process that assists property developers, investors, lenders, and local authorities in understanding the potential market value of a property when developed or redeveloped. It guides decision-making for investment, financing, and strategic planning for development projects and supports sustainable and profitable urban planning and land use.

Who Need This Service?

Investors, Lending institutions, Property Developers, property owners, Sellers, Brokers, property/ Real Esate Consultants, Accounting Firms, Audit Frims, Government Deoartments

When You Ned This Service?

When looking for investors to the projects from local and foreign, When seeking finance from lending institution, When taking selling or buying decisions, when reporting values for Final Accounts, When Reprting Values under SLFRS 13,

What We Need From You To Start?

Instruction/request from the client, Purpose of the valuation, relavant documents such as Survey plans, title deeds, projects details, Building plans

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Development Property Valuation offers significant benefits to developers, investors, landowners, lenders, and local authorities. It supports strategic planning, risk management, and sustainable development, facilitating the realization of profitable and successful development projects that align with market demand and urban planning objectives.

Informed Buying and Selling Decisions

Development property valuations provide investors and developers with valuable insights into the potential value of the property once developed. This assists in making informed decisions about property acquisitions and development projects.

Optimized Development Strategy

Valuation helps in formulating an optimized development strategy by identifying the highest and best use of the property, considering the most profitable and feasible development scenario. 

Market Feasibility Analysis

The valuation process includes a market feasibility analysis, which helps assess the demand and market conditions for the proposed development. This ensures that the development aligns with the current and future needs of the market. 

Risk Mitigation

By considering potential risks associated with the development, valuation enables developers to implement risk management strategies and make informed decisions to reduce financial and project-related risks. 

Financing and Loan Procurement

Development property valuations are crucial for securing financing from lenders or investors. Accurate valuations support loan procurement by providing lenders with confidence in the property’s development potential. 

Negotiations with Stakeholders

Valuations assist developers in negotiations with stakeholders, including landowners, investors, local authorities, and partners, by providing objective data to support discussions. 

Highest Value Extraction

 The valuation process helps in extracting the highest possible value from the property through appropriate development planning and positioning. 

Sustainable Development

Valuation encourages sustainable development practices by considering environmental factors and resource utilization in the development planning. 

Government Compliance and Approvals

Developers can use valuations to ensure compliance with government regulations and secure necessary development approvals for the project. 

Feasibility Assessment

Valuations provide an essential feasibility assessment for development projects, determining whether the proposed development is economically viable and financially achievable. 

Land Use Optimization

Valuation aids in optimizing land use by determining the most suitable development type that aligns with market demand and zoning regulations. 

Guidance for Landowners

For landowners, valuation offers guidance on the potential value of their property, empowering them to make informed decisions about development opportunities or property sales.