Wathsala Sajeewani Wickramanayake - MRICS

BBSc. Est. Mgt. & Val. (sp) Hons) SJP), MRICS (UK), Professional Associate Member (IVSL) Reading for MBA (PIM)

Director and Chartered Valuation Surveyor

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0112 680 686

An outstanding achiever in the field of estate management and valuation, Wathsala Wickramanayake has won many Gold Medals for her academic excellence in the field.
The Gold Medalist for obtaining a first class pass and best-performing student at the examination of the Estate Management & Valuation (Special) Degree conducted by the University of Sri Jayawardanepura , Sri Lanka.
Recipient of the Gold Medal for the highest score for the subject of valuation (P K Y Perera Memorial Gold Medal), the subject of Urban Planning and also the in the subjects of Principals’ of Valuation and Surveying in the academic year of 2007/2008.
Currently working as a Junior Valuation Surveyor and the Company’s Operational Manager, she conducts the preliminary valuation of properties for the various purpose for mortgage lending, and asset revaluation requires under IFRS.