Property Consultation

We provide consultancy services for real estate property related matters.


Property Valuation

The Company predominately provides services of valuation for real estate properties of different users.


Compliance To The Law

We aspire to achieve in our efforts to ensure that we are aware of and take all steps to comply with relevant laws and regulations.

Assured Quality

We keep our mind on outcomes because you only satisfied when the results of the assignment are in high quality.

Speedy Delivery

Time is everything when it comes to the point of decision. We provide accurate information speedily so that you can focus on profit.

Property Valuation

Valuation is a figure which comprehends the property value with its improvements and depreciation. We offer quality and speedy valuation for any property strictly in compliance with professional and ethical standards.

Property Consultation

We offer consultation regarding property development, real estate management, and planning matters, we also provide clear guidance for your property investment decisions.

Expertise is not a born quality it is the inspiring delight result of hard dedication towards a particular discipline throughout long years.

PCVC has become an expert in determining the market value of real properties in the wide range through delivering maximum satisfaction to more than 400 clients, over 5000 assignments in different industries for various purposes. Leading banks, finance companies, cooperate clients and accounting firms are our highly satisfied loyal customers which we consider as the greatest achievement we earned.

I assure you the maximum satisfaction over every cent you spend on property valuation and property consultation at PCVC with the unity of highly trained, competent and experienced property professionals in PCVC family

D. Prathapasinghe FRICS

Managing Director, Prathap Chartered Valuation & Consultancy Pvt Ltd

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